About us :


Best Health Herbal Centre opened was established in August of 2006. Our Head office is located in 86 Sloane St, Bryanston,Sandton, 2191,Johannesburg, South Africa. We carry a full range of products that include herbals, vitamins & minerals, cleanse and detox products, weight loss products, homeopathics, organic-bulk health foods, and more. We also offer health consultations by appointment, Compass Health Assessment Scan, and Ion Cleanse.

At Best Health Herbal Centre we offer you the best organic herbs and natural remedies to all kind of diseases, we have studied the natural properties of natural herbs , their remarkable benefits, and developed a unique range of drops, capsules, bottle herbs and dried herbs. We have employed scientific testing methods and modern extraction processes to ensure the benefits of the herbs remain intact, all this at a very good price and excellent quality. We ship worldwide.

Our primary mission is to bring health to life by making available to the public powerful and effective herbal medicines... Keeping you in extremely good health

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